Warming up to odd snowman and new splash pad

Driving down Queen Street this morning I thought I was having a nervous breakdown or strange out-of-body experience. There was Christmas decorations. There was a snowman, not to mention snow, on the sidewalk.

Granted it has been a particularly long and drawn out spring, making me wonder if Mother Nature has been trying to retire, and her succession plan is not working out so well, but snow? The pylons and numerous trucks parked along the street stopped me from asking a passerby if I’d slept through summer, which happened over the weekend.

Yes, we had a glorious weekend, sunny and hot, which was welcoming of the Sault’s new splash pad on Saturday. I think we’ve all wondered if the splash pad would ever happen, and there it is, a wonderful new addition to Bellevue Park, already being loved by so many children in the community.

The sun shone down on Algoma University’s convocation this weekend as well, which deserved a beautiful day on the waterfront to acknowledge the graduates’ achievements. (Sault College celebrated with four ceremonies on Thursday and Friday due to the size of their graduating class.)

We also welcomed six new cheery pianos to the downtown area for residents and visitors to enjoy thanks to the Future Sault Ste. Marie program. I’ve stopped and attempted to play one such piano in Edmonton, and the fact that it was colourfully painted made it all the more attractive to selfie takers and music lovers alike. We also got a new mural downtown.

The pianos, splash pad, and mural are such wonderful additions to the community, that they almost take the sting away from the fact that the MS Norgoma was moved from Roberta Bondar Marina as council considered it an eyesore. This makes me think of poor little Porter the train, when it was told it would no longer be a play structure. Porter was cordoned off  at Bellevue Park once deemed to have historical value and it was supposed to be restored and housed in a proper shelter.

But the weather turned after our glorious weekend, the rain perhaps tears for Kayge Fowler who died on May 31, having fought DIPG for more than a year. His funeral is Wednesday at 4:30p.m. Wednesday is also the deadline to sign a petition to spur the federal government into proclaiming May 25th National DIPG Awareness Day, to raise awareness forDiffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma, which affects children most typically between the ages of five to 10 years old. DIPG is a highly aggressive brain tumour which is inoperable and has a 100 per cent mortality rate (for now).

But back to Christmas on Queen Street. Sure, it is true that we have a Hallmark Christmas television movie being shot in town right now for the next three weeks, and that is why these adornments have popped up. But maybe it is a little bit of magic, for Kayge’s family and friends. Christmas was so beloved by Kayge, that people are encouraged to wearChristmas attire to his funeral.

So gawk at the “snow” in June, the Christmas ornaments, the movie sets and lighting, and perhaps you’ll join me in thinking that this could be a small miracle in June.  

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