Carpe Machinam means “seize the machine” in Latin. Carpe Machinam Inc. offers: writing and editing services, leadership training, motivational speaking, media and public relations consultancy, and assistance with self-publishing.

Carpe Machinam Inc.’s , Dr. Nadine M. Robinson is in the business of informing, focusing, challenging, entertaining, and inspiring others. Nadine holds a Doctorate in Business Administration, and is an international award-winning writer. She’s a non-fiction author, freelance writer and a columnist for PostMedia. She teaches university courses and trains business leaders, helps others with self-publishing, is a business consultant, and in her “spare time” is raising two children.

She believes in excellence, passion, and lifelong learning. Nadine speaks several languages, has travelled to 39 countries and has worked in four of them. Her goal is to ignite sparks, tap potential and give people hope; to show them possibilities that exist inside and outside themselves, and to encourage people to shine.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.Mahatma Gandhi