No neat definition for spring cleaning

While many are still debating if it is actually spring or not, the spring cleaning urge is setting in for me, even if I have to wear my parka to do it. That said, my spring cleaning isn’t the traditional cleaning frenzy.

I think it’s fair to say that, especially as parents, most of us cringe at the number of winter jackets, pairs of boots, mitts, gloves, scarves, and hats that fill our entrance ways for half of the year, so my spring cleaning tends to start with moving these out of sight and trying to get them out of mind. This year has been challenging; because of the snow coming so late into April, I’ve only just tucked my boots away, but they are still sadly within reach.

(Reviewing my Facebook memories, I noted that on April 17 there was snow in 2010, 2011, 2013, 2018 and 2019, so while this year feels particularly heinous in terms of the amount of snow, it may just be that we are getting better at forgetting past seasons.)

I know that some parents have their kids go through winter gear as part of their spring cleaning to see what still fits, but perhaps the same way I rarely make my bed in the morning, I don’t bother until the fall to do this, because they will have grown and will snarl if I make them try on snow pants twice. I do like to get my spring jackets and boots closer to the forefront of the closet, but I often worry that I am tempting Mother Nature, or Murphy’s Law if I do so.

Same goes for changing snow tires, this is part of the spring ritual, but it isn’t cleaning, other than that the spring tires are cleaner than the winter ones.

Anyone with a pet with fur knows that spring cleaning simply intensifies the battle to keep surfaces pet-hair free. My chocolate lab just looked at me with soulful almost apologetic eyes, like she knows that she is shedding the equivalent of a small mammal almost daily. The cat doesn’t seem to care one way or the other about her losing fur.

Do I do windows? I don’t attack the outside of the windows for the sake of the birds. I don’t want their oily feathery impact marks replacing the spider poop streaks that currently adorn my windows’ exteriors. Clean windows just mean hurt birds. I do clean off the snowflake jelly stickers from the inside of windows though, and hang up stained glass, dream catchers, etc, to guide the birds away from a crash landing.

Garage spring cleaning is more a game of shuffling things around as opposed to cleaning at my house. Toboggans and snow toys move to the back shed or back of the garage and get replaced with bicycles, nets, and balls. The lawn furniture also comes out to play.

Sadly, this year I can’t even rake yet, because there is still snow on the grass, but the Christmas lawn ornaments are back in their closet.

Reviewing all of this I suppose that I should rebrand spring cleaning as spring moving. What does your spring cleaning entail?

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