Another kick at my bucket list

Back in January of 2015, I wrote about my progress on my 2010 bucket list. As I stare down a milestone birthday, it seems like a good time to review it and think about a new one to keep me moving forward, with hope and purpose.

My 2010 list included that I wanted to travel to Greece, try a new adventure sport, and to write a bestseller. I scratched off the trip to Greece this year, ticked off a new adventure sport with a tandem B.A.S.E. jump in 2014, and sold over 10,000 copies of the book I co-authored about Mantracking and enjoying the outdoors.

With a completed list, I know that some people add possessions that they want to acquire on their list. I’m more about spending money on things that can’t be taken from you. (Though, I would consider a cottage property, if it wasn’t priced out of the market.) My revised 2015 bucket list, and today’s is more about spending time with my family and friends; focusing on connecting and not collecting.

In 2015, I added a few new goals. First was to throw a party once I paid off the mortgage. Proudly, I can say: “Check!”

I also said that I wanted to improve my flexibility. Since January I’ve been working towards my goal of regaining my front splits, and am pretty much there. I’d like to continue stretching and being limber, so I feel I’m on track here.

I’ve decided to remove two of my 2015 bucket list items, of learning how to be a lead climber for rock climbing, and to be able to do an Eskimo roll in a kayak. I’ve done the latter, but not consistently. Instead, I simply want to be healthy and fit, and have started weightlifting again.

In the more frivolous category, in 2015, I wanted my list of countries visited to blossom to at least 50. I was at 38 countries then, yet even with the pandemic benching me for a couple of years, I’ve now hit 64 countries. I’ll now reset that goal to 80 countries before I’m 80. Specifically, going to the Great Barrier Reef, and Iceland, are on my list now.

Also on the list, was to pen a book of my own. I noted then that the carpenter’s house is the last one to be renovated. It’s easier to help others with their writing projects, but I don’t want to put my own project on the backburner forever.

Though it’s not specific, one of my goals is seeing my teens and loved ones achieve their dreams. I’d also like to find a new hobby or sport that excites me, spend more time in nature, and I’d like to clean up my gardens.

Whether you call it a bucket list or long term goals, it feels good to have direction and to have more than a short term to-do list with routine items like: “Buy groceries. Do laundry. Get an oil change.”

Reviewing my new list, I need to get writing, get travelling, spend more time in nature, exercise regularly, and connect more with friends and family. But, to make these more achievable, I’ll need to put specific, measurable goals against each. Even if all of the items don’t get checked off, having an old list to review is rewarding to see forward momentum.

What’s on your list?

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