Mantracking: The Ultimate Guide to Tracking Man or Beast

mantracking-book-front-coverTracking Secrets for Outdoorsmen, Search and Rescue, Hunters, Police, Military, … and people who don’t want to be found!

Mantracking is the definitive guide to tracking and finding your prey. Renowned tracker Terry Grant shares his 40 years of experience in tracking two- and four-legged beasts through photographs and examples from his life.

– Learn the difference between looking and seeing
– Discover how all of your senses can help you track
– Explore specific tracking methods
– Learn how to interpret “sign” in different weather conditions and terrains
– Develop the skills of a tracker, from preparedness to psychological profiling
– Understand more about Search and Rescue (SAR) operations (and how to not end up being the missing person)
– Or, turn the tables and learn evasive techniques to avoid capture.

“Mantracking is entertaining and educational, and surprisingly hard to put down. For the beginner tracker it’s a great learning tool and for those more skilled it acts as a solid reminder. I would definitely recommend it to outdoorsmen, trackers, SAR groups, law enforcement, and the military as reliable reference material.” ~ Guy Kerr, 25 year veteran of the Calgary Police, international SAR instructor and contributing author of several SAR Manuals

“The authors highlight the impact we have on our environment, even when we’re doing our best to have none… I definitely learned a lot… I’m now tracking my kids!” ~ Michael McKay, CEO Scouts Canada

“Mantracking makes me want to get in the bush right now! … I’m seeing things with a new set of eyes and noticing more than ever before. Awesome book!” ~ Brian, Hunter/Outdoor Enthusiast

Co-authored by expert tracker Terry Grant & Nadine Robinson.

Nadine Robinson

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